Folsom Lake College

The FLC Library put on an inaugural event called Crafitivism on April 4 and 5. It was a great success. Here is some more info on it:

Craftivism, a term emerging near the beginning of this millennium and associated with Betsy Greer, is a concept connecting the arts and crafts movement personalized activism in an endeavor to effect social change. By advocating the use of creativity for the improvement of the world, craftivists worldwide have taught knitting lessons, sewed scarves for battered women’s shelters, knitted hats for chemotherapy patients, or even dropped positive message called “love bombs” throughout their communities.

Through this DIY approach to making the world a better place, the FLC Library encouraged guests to create items that share a message of love and support. The Folsom Lake College library set up various crafting stations throughout the library for students, employees and community members to join together and create. Stations included paper crafts, embroidery and fabrics, beading, drawing and more.

With enormous creativity and compassion, participants created over 60 items in the form of jewelry, bookmarks, mini books, stuffed dolls, hand-stitched messages, cards, and other kind messages of love and encouragement. All craftivism items are being donated to a local group Opening Doors, whose mission is to empower refugees, immigrants, human trafficking survivors, and underserved Sacramento area residents to achieve self-sufficiency by accessing opportunities to mainstream economic and social systems.

Three Photos: A basket filled with products, a Craftivists Manifesto and librarian Rebecca Mendell

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