Membership Report

Membership Report

As the last few membership payments come trickling in, I’m tempted to predict

this year’s final membership number. 

Membership payments still coming in?

Yes, I know that most of you wrappedit up by December.  But after the D&D meeting,

I always check back in with the colleges from whom nothing has been received to see what the situation

might be.  Yes, there are cases where the college simply can’t pay (and

that’s not the choice of the library).  BUT it may be that the payment is

still sitting in the Business Office (it happens), or that the transaction

vanished electronically (yep, that has happened), or that it never made it

out of the Library (administrative or clerical turn-over).  And it may be

that the check was sent, but never received by CCL.  Once in a while that

happens, too.  

I know that there are late payments in the mail, or at least in the process.

Thanks to all who responded so quickly!

So, my prediction:  108 paid memberships

(this would be our highest ever!).

And I’d love to have guessed too low!


Regards — Gregg Atkins, CCL Executive Director