Report on the Survey/Evaluation of Deans & Directors Meeting

We had a 13% improvement in responses compared to last year’s Dean and Directors meeting, meaning a lot of us had a lot to say, and it was mainly praise.  Members were mostly satisfied with the two day workshop with high praises for the CSU ILS presentation, Tim Karas’ talk on leadership, James Wiser’s talk on updates on consortium offers, and Dr. Karen Brown, our keynote speaker.  Also general appreciation for regional meetings, although one requested that more time be allowed for this portion in the conference.  Comments included not only praise for the speakers for also the opportunity for colleagues in this environment and there was actually requests for even more time in this area. One stated with enthusiasm, “I thought this was the best meeting of all of the previous meetings I attended.”

Wishes for improvement included more time for colleagues to talk with one another, more breaks, and a general wish that the event was longer.  There was a request that FACCC also have someone there to give a presentation, persons at a higher level of the Chancellor’s office to attend,  and people originally to be scheduled from the state show (instead of last minute replacements).   Ideas for future topics include “strategies for increasing budgets,” “library security and staffing issues,”  “how libraries can integrate with Canvas,” “more specific examples (case studies) of libraries leading [the] OER effort,” “add a mini workshop on assessment,” and in general, time for “more audience participation.”