Victor Valley

Systems and Technology Librarian Yvonne Read has been appointed to serve as the West Central representative for CCL-EAR from 2017-2020.  We are excited about the opportunity to become more involved with the consortium and our librarian colleagues.  VVC completed its ACCJC accreditation site visit at the beginning of March, we were pleased to have SBVC Librarian Dr. Celia Huston on our visiting team.  We are in the process of transitioning our information competency online tutorial from GOTS (Guide on the Side) software to the LibGuides’ LibWizard module.  This tutorial is used to meet the college’s information competency requirement for students enrolled in online sections of English 101.  As a result of organizational restructuring, the library now reports to the Dean of Instruction, Distance Learning and Library Services (we were formerly under the Dean of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences.)