ACRL Standards for Libraries in Higher Education (2011)

ACRL Guidelines for Media Resources in Academic Libraries (2012)

ACRL Value of Academic Libraries (2012)

ACRL Joint Statement on Faculty Status of College and Faculty Librarians (2009)

ASCCC Standards of Practice for California Community College Library Faculty and Programs (2010)

ACCJC Standards --ASCCC Resolution Response to Draft ACCJC Standards Fall 2013

ACCJC Standards--CCL Proposal in 2012

ACCJC Standards -- CCL President Karas-letter to ACCJC 2014

CCCCO Library and Learning Resources Program Report (Dec. 2011)

Assembly Bill 1725 (AB1725) (PDF)

Assistive Technology: Resources List for Accessible Libraries

California Code of Regulations (Title 5) and Education Code sections re: CC Libraries
Title 5, Div. 6, Sec. 12, Chapter 10 (Search key at main page; Enter section number)

Lottery Revenue-Accounting Advisory Memo 2000

Lottery Revenue-Accounting Advisory 2000 Clarification

Lottery Revenue Legal Opinion 2000

IELM Guidelines 2001-02

Topic Location
[Repealed] Appointment and Qualification of District Librarian CCR s 55840
Annual Report by Governing Board to Department of Education CCR s 55800
Authority Ed Code 78101
Minimum Qualifications CCR s 53410, 55840
[Repealed] Annual Report CCR s 55841
Program Standards/Credit Instructional Services CCR s 58720-58724
[Repealed] Library space standards CCR s 57030
Ed Code Library Services in Education Code … Ed Code Section 78100
Responsibility to adopt standards, rules and regulations for … library services. Ed Code Section 78101
"50 percent of the district's current expense of education" Ed Code Section 84362
Librarian on Duty Saturdays and Evenings Ed Code Section 78103

Information Competency Resolution, Text Passed by the Academic Senate of the California Community Colleges at its Spring Plenary Session in San Francisco, April 2001

Participating Effectively in District and College Governance. The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges and the Community College League of California. 1998.

TTIP Guidelines (Telecommunications and Technology Infrastructure Program Guidelines, 2006-07) See Section B, page 3.

C&RL: College and Research Libraries (Association of College & Research Libraries)

CARL Newsletter (California Academic and Research Libraries)

CCL Outlook (Council of Chief Librarians)

Chronicle of Higher Education

The Rostrum (Academic Senate for California Community Colleges)

League in Action (Community College League of California)